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Please visit my regular blog at www.suzanne-young.blogspot.com

Thanks!!! :-)

The Naughty List

Book 2 is done and handed in. Book three is brewing in my brain. And book 4... well, that's just a surprise.

Can't wait to share the cover when it's done!!!


What a Naughty Book

So I've been working on The Naughty List sequel. I'm hoping to have it done by next week (really this week, but I'm trying to live with lower expectations) and hand it in. I've been writing steadily, but I think there's one thing that would help. One thing that could push me over the edge to finish.

My cover! Am I obsessing? Maybe a little. Will I love it no matter what? Of course. It's sort of like a kid, right? Sure, you may wish they'd gotten your nose instead of your husband's, but do you love them any less? Not at all.

God. I hope The Naughty List has my nose!!!!

Have a great day!


I don't really get around to updating here, but I think I should. My book series has been retitled, THE NAUGHTY LIST! And book one is expected from Razorbill Spring of 2010.

For more updates, check my other blog over at www.suzanne-young.blogspot.com

Have a great day!!!

Writing while waiting...

Well, I'm waiting for revisions on SMITTEN KITTENS and the darnest thing is happening. An overload of ideas. So I'm working on one of them NEVADA FALLS, when all of the sudden, two others pop up. And then today another. I'm gonna take a hint from my friend Sasha and keep a chart to keep me on track.

I guess I won't be bored.


 Anyone heading to LA next week??? I'd love to say hi! Especially because it's my first conference and I'm FREAKING OUT!  haha. Other than that, I'm going to the kidlit Blogger conference in Portland in September. Anyone... going to that??? 

And I'm starting a new book while I wait for my edits. It's called NEVADA FALLS, and... Im not exactly sure what's it's about yet. But then again, I'm only 64 pages in, so I have some room to grow. 

Have a great day!

I wanna win!

 I'm giving away ARCs of Soul Enchilada! I got the idea for this from something one of the characters in Soul Enchilada (
http://SoulEnchilada.com) reads off of a warped fortune cookie: "If you love something, set it free before you have to pay child support." (see it at http://thunderchikin.livejournal.com/129497.html)

Now, let's see what you can create!

To enter:

1. Create your own candy heart at
http://www.cryptogram.com/hearts/ . Your heart can say anything you'd like. You are not limited to phrases from the ARC (since you haven't read it).

2. Copy and paste this entire post--as well as the image of your candy heart--on your blog, Facebook, MySpace, website, etc.

3. Once you’ve completed #3, email me at davidmacinnisgill AT gmail.com with the link to your post. Voila! You're entered in the giveaway.

4. The contest will be judged by three teen readers based on the criteria of originality, design, and message. The contest closes July 31st.

5. The prize is a personalized, signed ARC and a special gift, TDB by the judges. The winner will be contacted via email. Her/his name and winning entry candy heart will be posted on my lj blog, as well as my home site

Well, here's my heart. Wrote it all by myself. Powerful, huh?

My Book

Hey,everyone! I'm trying to catch up on all my blogs, but I wanted to say here, that I just sold two books to Razorbill. The first being SMITTEN KITTENS. 

I look forward to talking more about it. After a little more sleep. haha 


First entry. Wow. Exciting stuff. I'm an author and all around bad ass. lol. Just kidding. But not really.

Say hi!


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